Trade in Appraisals in New York

When the time is right for you to lease a car in New York, you have to know what your current vehicle is worth. If you are already leasing then it may be time to transfer or renew but if you own your car and want to start leasing, then you need a knowledgeable, trade in professional. Thankfully we have the most accurate and sophisticated trade in appraisal services in New York under our roof.

What We Look for in Your Appraisal

Our expert trade in appraisal specialists will look at a number of things to determine the value of your car. This includes factors such as the model and age of your car, the mileage, any accidents or purchases as well as take into consideration any upgrades or additions like tinted windows or high-end tires. Our New York trade in appraisal experts will weigh all of these factors to determine a top market value for your car and provide an estimate that is at the very top end of your vehicles potential value.

No Shortchanges, No Hassles

We are not like other dealerships. We will not low ball you or make an offer that is ridiculous. We don’t have time like that to waste and are sure that you don’t either. Instead, our team determines the very highest number that your car is worth and then we offer top dollar for your trade in no matter what. We really aren’t in the business of trying to cheat customers or haggle with you, we are in the business of getting you into a new car and a new lease that you love.

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